TV Table Katla. Midcentury Modern TV Stand. Handmade.

frá Railis Design

Beautiful, functional and made from reclaimed wood. Hand-crafted using copper and wood.

Reclaimed wood is popular for many reasons: the reclaimed timber’s exquisite and unique look, its environmental contribution as a recycled green building material, the historical aspect of the wood’s origins and character, and its physical attributes such as strength and durability.

Reclaimed wood, sometimes called recycled or antique wood, is lumber that’s been given a new life. The wood gets harvested from shipping crates, old barns, wine casks, boats, gym bleachers and other structures that have been deconstructed or are no longer needed. Instead of letting the perfectly usable wood end up in a landfill, someone salvages the lumber so it can serve a new purpose.

The finish is 3 coats of hand rubbed citrus oil & beeswax. It is wonderfully smooth to the touch and looks fantastic.

Carefully packaged and shipped assembled, all you need to assemble it is a regular screwdriver to attach the legs. There's room for a DVD player / Freeview box (or whatever you want to put underneath.

Dimensions: 100 cm x 50 cm x 21 cm (39inch x 19.6inch x 8.2inch)

Made to order. Takes 2-3 weeks to ship or to be ready.

Thanks for choosing handmade over factory made.

Please message me directly if you're looking for pricing on any other customisation.

We can ship internationally, please get in touch for a shipping quote.

Designer: Renats Kotlevs

Designed in Iceland and made at our workshop in Latvia/Northern Europe

Railis Design

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